Posting on the Support Community

Dennis Brown(dbrown)

Welcome to the Barista Community! ☕️

This public forum is for everything related to Barista. If you don't have access to premium support and have a support question, or simply have a feature request, post it here.

Before posting your Question or Feature Request please read the following guidelines:

Posting Questions

Before asking your question, be sure to check the follow areas to make your question hasn't already been answered:

When asking your question, be sure to explain your issue with as much detail as possible, and mention the following:

  • Add the Support category tag to your post
  • If your question is specific to the Barista Demo, add the Demo sub category tag
  • Barista version
  • your operating system
  • the instance type
  • Blender version
  • render engine

NOTICE: If you need of premium support or are needing a quick answer for a render in progress, please ask your question through Barista's Blender Market support page.

Posting Feature Requests

In order to fully understand and consider your feature request, be sure to consider the following guidelines:

  • Add the Feature Request category tag to your post
  • Explain your use-case for the feature requested
  • If possible, share any files or screenshots to help show the issue this feature is for
  • Provide any information as to why you feel this feature would benefit Barista users
  • Once posted, development will review the request, ask any remaining questions, and discuss the possibilities and timeline of adding it to Barista.