Barista FAQs

How is Barista different from other services?
There are certainly other cloud rendering services out there, as well as render farms who use AWS for 3D rendering, but in each case you pay for the cost of AWS, but also a hefty price increase added for their service. Since Barista gives you direct access to the AWS service, using your own account, you completely remove the middleman, giving you the cheapest possible price.

Do I need an Amazon Account?
Yes, at this time Barista requires an Amazon account to take full advantage of Barista and cheap/fast rendering using cloud-based services. This account is not only used to store your project files, but to also use their servers to offer amazingly fast renders!

Do I need to know AWS?
While you do need to have an AWS account, you don't need a complete knowledge of AWS. AWS can be very intimidating, and Barista was made to automate a lot of the process. You are guided through the parts you need to know, and the areas you want to know more about are outlined in the documentation.

Does the AWS Free-Tier benefits work with Barista?
Yes, and no.

Yes: The S3 Free-Tier benefits (The 5GB free storage, and 20k downloads and 2k uploads) are quite helpful when managing your files with Barista.

No: The EC2 Free-Tier benefit offers 750 hours for the t2.micro and t3.micro instances, which are both single-core instances. In order for Blender 2.8 to render and return progress, it needs at least 2 core, making these particular instances ineligible for renders in Barista.

Can I Render Using the Latest Version of Blender?
Since the Blender build provided isn't automatically updated, you opt to use a custom build to render instead. 

Using a Custom Build:

  • Download the Linux 64-bit version of Blender you want to use for rendering: 
  • Upload the file to one of your project folders (S3 Bucket) within the same region.
  • Click the gear icon at the bottom-right corner of the instance list, to open the Build Customization Settings.
  • Using the Build Folder and Build File drop-down menus, choose the Blender file you uploaded in step 2, then click SAVE
  • When selecting which version of Blender to use, select the Custom option to render using the build you selected

Why are my renders running slow?
If you are rendering an intensive scene using a lower-cost server, renders make take longer than expected. Larger systems are much faster and often end up cheaper than the slower systems.

If you are using a high end server, and the render isn't as fast as expected, verify the performance settings in your scene file. Threads should not limited, and tile settings set correctly.  

With Eevee:

Features like Eevee work best with a GPU. When using CPU instances, Blender defaults to software OpenGL. 

Why has my render stalled?
Projects with multiple layers and compositing filters will often repeat frames or render silently making it seem the render has stalled. Since instances automatically shutdown once Blender stops or crashes (1.6.0+), unless you see a message that Blender has crashed, Blender is still in the process of rendering and simply not returning progress output.

Why can't I use the keys from my new account?
After creating a new AWS account, you may find that various features won't work right away. In many cases, API keys will not authenticate in Barista, until the account has finished initializing. The initialization process can take 1 to 2 hours after account creation, so wait until it has completed, and try again.

Can I render with Eevee?
Rendering with the Eevee rendering engine is available, but a few details should be noted:

  • While Software rendering is available, it is incredibly slow, so Eevee should be rendered using GPU instances only
  • Eevee background rendering is not supported in Blender, so logs are incredibly sparse, making it seem like renders are stalled with intense scenes

How do I get access to other hardware?

When Barista shows you have 0 credits for a specific hardware configuration, it means that the account does not have access to that hardware. To gain access, you need to request a limit increase for that particular hardware.

    To the right of the available / required vCPU count (in red), click the Limit Increase "+" button. A dialog will open giving you the info you need to use in the limit increase form, and clicking Request Increase will take you directly to the limit increase form you need to fill out. 

How can I get my limit increases approved?

If you have a new AWS account, you may find it difficult to get access to the larger hardware right away. Amazon has stating that these decisions are based on the amount of usage on the account. If you are just starting out with Barista, you can do a few renders using the available CPU instances within the first few hours, and have a better chance for limit requests to be approved. The more they can see the account being used, the better your chances are to have larger requests approved.

Why does Barista say the "AMI cannot be found"?
If you are getting AMI errors when creating instances, you are using a version of Barista that is no longer supported. Update to the latest build.

I get the error, "Instance Count Exceeded. Maybe an instance is still waiting to terminate?"
When your instance allowance is exceeded for an instance type by starting instances, there is time after the instance shutdown where the instance credits are still waiting to be released for use. When your account has enough credits to start an instance, but the required credits are still held by a previously run instance, you will receive this error.

Can Barista Use Blender Add-Ons?
Absolutely! You will need to provide the AddOns, and if they are platform specific, they need to support Linux. In the Instance Options, select the file that provides your AddOns.

More information can be found in the Barista Documentation Help > Documentation > How-To.. > Use Add-Ons

Can Barista Use Custom Blender Builds?
Absolutely! You can use a custom Blender builds with your render. Barista also has direct support for E-Cycles, Fracture Modifier, and GraphicAll. 🎉

Why can't I use the keys from my new account?
After creating a new AWS account, you may find that various features won't work right away. In many cases, API keys will not authenticate in Barista, until the account has finished initializing. The initialization process can take 1 to 2 hours after account creation, so wait until it has completed, and try again.

Where in the world can I use it?
Barista can be used absolutely anywhere in the world! Depending on your country of origin, an additional VAT tax may be applied:

Barista is only supports the following AWS regions. While it offers limited regions, we will continue to add more regions as our user base grows:

US-East-1 (Virginia)
US-East-2 (Ohio)
US-West-1 (California)
US-West-2 (Oregon)
AP-SouthEast-2 (Sydney)
EU-West-2 (London)

Does Barista have Long Term Support?
One of the greatest features of Barista is that even if we stopped development today, the latest version would continue to work as expected. 

Because many versions include an update to the OS images, older versions will depreciate as it is replaced by a newer version. Each version is given at least a 2 week period before depreciating, and when a new version is released with such an update, supporters are notified of the depreciation date for the previous version.