Barista 1.7.12 Released

Feb 8th 2023

There was a performance issue reported with the 1.7.11 updates for Blender 3.x, which this update addresses.

Updated the way Blender is started and handled

The main fix with 1.7.11 was to fix some rendering issues with Blender 3.x. The method used worked, but increased render times due to the running two separate Blender processes. This was reverted back to a single process, but with some minor updates to increase performance. 

Limited use of 2.9 branch to LuxCore

Since updates specific to Blender 3.x are becoming more frequent, the remaining support for the Blender 2.9 LTS branch has been limited to LuxCore rendering. When LuxCore has support for 3.x, 2.9x support will probably be removed from Barista.

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