Barista 1.7.6 Release Notes

Oct 24th 2022

Eevee Rendering

One big issue was the inability to render quickly with the new Tesla T4 GPUs. This was certainly important, as these low-cost GPUs are great for rendering. All GPU rendering has been updated to fix these issues, and make it much faster. To give you an example on performance, I rendered CG Cookie's Treasure Chest Animation with a g4dn.xlarge instance on Barista 1.7.6, and spent a whopping $0.006 (yes, less than $0.01). 

Cycles Rendering

It seems tile progress reporting broke sometime in Blender 3.x, so the log parser was updates to support the tile/sample rendering output from 3.x. 

Blender Updated

The instances image has been updated with the latest version of Blender, so the new built-in default is now Blender 3.3.1. 

Barista 1.7.5 Depreciation

Since 1.7.6 includes a new instance image, 1.7.5 will depreciate on November 7th. 

Happy rendering!



Dennis Brown
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