Barista 1.7.7 Released

Oct 26th 2022

While 1.7.7 was originally meant to be a supplemental update, much more was fixed in the process.

Fixed error with Cycles rendering on GPUs

In 1.7,6, an issue was found, where trying to rendering using a Tesla T4 would cause the render to stall. Since T4's don't actually offer CUDA support, the startup scrip was erroring when trying to set rendering to CUDA. This has been updated to gracefully fail and not throw an error, causing unsupported rendering to revert to CPU rendering.

Fixed issue with GPU rendering on 3.3.1

When fixing the previous issue, another issue was found when rendering Cycles with the Tesla M60 on Blender 3.3.1. Since the GPU device setup has changed in 3.x, the render was switching to CPU rendering. This has been updated to correctly use any available CUDA cores for rendering.

Updates various issues in startup script for LuxCore

An issue with LuxCore rendering was found in the startup script, causing renders to fail. This has since been fixed, so LuxCore rendering with 2.93.11 with LuxCore 2.6 is now working as intended. Note: An issue still exists in LuxCore GPU rendering

Added Note that G4 instances are Eevee Only in Instance List

Since the Tesla T4 doesn't support CUDA, a note has been added to the instance list saying, "Eevee Only".

Enabled G5 GPU Instances for London Region

AWS recently added the G5 instances to the London region, so these instances have been enabled in the instance list for this region. G5 instances are now available in Oregon, Virginia, and London regions.

Fixed an Issue in Instance Commands

An issue with the render command was causing some renders to fail, so this has also been resolved.

Added Links to the Barista Website to the Help Menu

To provide links to the new site, new links have been added the Help menu, as well as the documentation.

Moved AWS Links to their own Menu

Since the Help menu was growing too large, all AWS links have been moved to their own AWS menu. 

Updated Blender 2.9

The 2.9 branch has been updated to the latest release, 2.93.11.

1.7.6 Depreciating in 2 weeks: With another new image, 1.7.6 will depreciate on the 10th of next month.

While a lot has been done here, that's all I have for 1.7.7. Until next time, happy rendering! ☕️



Dennis Brown
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