Barista 1.7.8 Released

Nov 11th 2022

Before continuing development on 1.8.0, I few updates needed to be made to the client to help iron out some common issues to make rendering more pleasant. ☕️

Scene Selection

During 1.7.7 I thought there was an issue with scene selection, but turned out this was an error on my part. Scene changing use was verified.

Bucket Errors

I found in some cases creating a new bucket with an existing name wouldn't show an error, so bucket errors have been revamped to show the raw error when the dialog box didn't show.

Bucket Region Checks

There were occasions when the bucket region wouldn't update, causing the scene selection to be disabled. The client now checks for regions when a region isn't available for a bucket, no matter when or where you create the bucket.

Updated the New Bucket Dialog UI

Creating a new bucket wasn't a seamless process, so to help fix this a few minor updates were made. First, once the dialog appeared, the text box is focused automatically, so you can start typing the name right away. Instead of clicking the Create button, you can now use the Enter key to submit your name, and create the bucket.

Failed Requests

In some cases where starting instances would fail, the requests would continue to exist, holding onto your existing instance credits. During the instance request startup, the client now checks for all errors, and will shutdown requests when these errors are found.

Automatic Instance Limit and Price Checks

If you had an instance type selected, and restarted the client, you would have to select a new instance type, and select the old one in order to get the price and see the required vCPUs, just to start the render. Now when you restart the client, if you already have an instance selected, it will automatically check the required vCPUs, as well as the price, removing the need to select an instance to initiate the check. 

That's it for now, but if you have any issues or questions, feel free to ask in the Community Forum. Happy rendering! ☕️



Dennis Brown
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