Kent Trammell's Abe Lincoln Sculpt on Barista

Oct 26th 2022

Using 4x c5a.16xlarge instances, rendering 100 frames in 115 minutes


Using 4x g3s.xlarge instances (Tesla™ M60), rendering 100 frames in 150 minutes


Rendering the highly intensive Abe Lincoln Sculpture created by Kent Trammell in the CG Cookie Human course

This render is highly intensive, rendering in Cycles with additional composition

To give an idea of how intensive, the very first frame takes close to 10 minutes on a Silicon M2 with 8CPUs and 8GPUs. Being generous with render times, the entire render would take somewhere above 11 hours in total with the M2. With 4 AMD Epyc CPUs, it took a total render time of 8 hours, but when using 4 instances, was able to pull it off in 125.

Using a c5a.16xlarge instance, you can render the first frame in around 3 minutes! 

When you have the ability to render this yourself, you may want to save the money to render it at home, but factoring in electricity cost, and time lost with a system dedicated to rendering for 10+ hours, that cost can certainly justify itself.

Want to learn how to create this sculpt? Check out CG Cookie's HUMAN: Realistic Portrait Creation Course

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